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More then a decade of R&D of Hydrogen production by electrolysis process and usage in automotive industry, guarantees the success and safety.
Decarbonization (engine carbon cleaning)
Engine decarbonization is an innovative, non-invasive and environmentally friendly process by removing soot deposits in internal combustion engines (IC), either engines use gasoline, diesel or LPG as fuel. Since 2013, our company has been researching,...
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About us
“Hydrogen Technologies” d.o.o. is a company engaged in research and development of technology for the production, transport and storage of hydrogen (H2). The company was founded by experts who have been in this business for...
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DC Tech. and service What is engine decarbonization? Engine decarbonization is the process of removing carbon deposits in the engine (which accumulate over time due to incomplete fuel combustion) by injecting Oxy-Hydrogen gas (H2/O2) into...
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Business support

Our technology, operational and marketing know-how, under strong Brand, can boost your business.
DC machine
The engine decarbonization machine has been completely developed by experts from Hydrogen Technologies d.o.o. company, with the help of associates and experts from scientific institutions and other companies.  The machine consists of four main assemblies:...
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Service packages
By purchasing and with the supplied machine(s), you certainly get the corresponding “Instructions for use”, as well as “Service instructions” for regular maintenance. Also, with the purchase of the machine, there is the possibility of...
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ABOUT FRANCHISE BUSINESS – In general Franchising is most often defined as a system of cooperation and mutual business relations between independent companies connected by a franchise agreement. Franchising occurs when a company/owner of products...
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