Since the company “Hydrogen Technologies” is a manufacturer of machines for “engine decarbonization”, you are in the right place to find out under what conditions you can cooperate with us. In the last three years, we have exported few dozens HCC-5000 machines to the European Union market, several to the Hong Kong market, as well as to the countries of the West Balkan region. Our day-to-day engagement and business policy regarding the reduction of pollution caused by transport, industry and energy is reflected in the research and development of technologies that can have a great impact and contribute to it. In addition, we are interested in showing our technology in the best possible light, as it deserves high-tech products and innovations of this type, so we are seriously approaching the placement of this technology.

It gives us pleasure to do business with companies and individuals with whom we have a common vision on this topic. If you are someone who wants to advance in terms of technology, who values ​​quality and safety, wants to contribute to a better environment, to provide the opportunity to reduce the cost of maintenance and operation of vehicles to their customers or their own fleet, then you are in the right place. The DC (Decarbonization Center) brand, with the experience and know-how of the “Hydrogen Technologies” team, can be a great partner and your development opportunity. Join the best in this technology and business by purchasing the machine(s) and starting and / or expanding your own business, with the possibility of our additional support in the form of special service packages or joining the global Franchise family. Be among the best.

Welcome to the DC team!