Franchising is most often defined as a system of cooperation and mutual business relations between independent companies connected by a franchise agreement. Franchising occurs when a company/owner of products and services (franchisor) provides an opportunity to a particular person or group (franchisee) to distribute its products or services, use its name and logo, as well as the business system, while the franchisee is committed to operate under well-defined conditions.

The franchisor transfers to the franchisee its already proven business system, brand, manuals, equipment, training, experience and support services. The franchisor has certain control over the way the franchisee does business. In return, the franchisee pays the franchisor an initial fee for using the brand name and mode of operation.

The form of business offered by the franchise is the closest guarantee of success in today’s market. Franchising provides a safer start-up and a greater likelihood of success than independent business.

All research has shown that starting a business in the franchise system fails very rarely, and when that happens, the most common reason is that the franchisee did not adequately follow the business system principles and procedures. Another reason why it is wise to buy a franchise is that its financial aspect can be thoroughly researched before having high-cost demands. When you start a business on your own, you always do it with certain risk.

The franchisor, together with its franchisees creates the franchise network and it is its responsibility to ensure the operation and growth of the network. Thanks to the common brand, the franchise network quickly builds its identity and reputation.

The franchisee must keep in mind the following:

  • it must respect the relationship with the franchisor determined by the contract
  • it must not in any way compromise the reputation of the network, i.e. all other franchisees
  • it must not betray its customers’ trust, because by doing so it does not harm only itself but the entire network

We would like you to take part in our large franchise family

Hydrogen Technologies d.o.o., as the owner of DC technology (franchisor) provides an opportunity for an entrepreneur or company (franchisee) to be a distributor of a highly profitable engine decarbonization service, use our name and logo, as well as our business system and complete know-how, while the franchisee is required to operate under pre-agreed terms.

The form of business offered by the franchise is the best guarantee of success in today’s market. Franchising provides a safer start-up and a greater likelihood of success than in individual business.


We are very committed to maintaining our decarbonization service of gasoline and diesel engines that power (or are integral part of other assemblies) different means of transport, at the highest possible level of quality.

The essence of what we actually do refers to reducing carbon emissions and other harmful gases, as well as contributing IC engines to work better and last longer.

By making the decision to enter the franchise system, you become “your own boss, while not alone”.

DC offers two types of franchise packages.

Single Unit:

By accessing this type of franchise package, you operate under our name within only one business unit. This is the most common form of franchising business and it implies that a single DC machine is used in your engine decarbonization shop, adjusted to DC franchise standards. Your staff will receive complete and detailed training in the use of the DC machine, all operational processes and the presentation of the activity itself.

Master franchises represent franchise rights that mainly imply exclusivity in a larger territory and often in the entire country and region, and also represent the obligation to sell sub-franchises and create your own branch network.

In addition to its own DC service, the master franchisee manages the DC service network in its territory and is responsible for their operation and compliance with the standards of the franchisor.

In addition to the standard training related to the process of engine decarbonization and operating the DC machine, the training for master franchisees includes the following areas:

  • Basics regarding management in DC engine decarbonization shop
  • How to “fight” the competition?
  • How to select, train and organize work of DC team members?

grafički predstavljeno kao na USA sajtu

  • Exclusive Territory

We make sure no two companies work in the same region as our franchisees. We consider all our franchisees as our team members and work to protect each company’s interest. This means you get to enjoy exclusive control over the assigned area without facing any competition from other franchisees.

  • Easy to Learn and Operate

Our engine cleaning solution is easy to learn and operate. This means you can scale your business faster by hiring and training new employees quicker. People of all skill levels can easily perform our service. We are waiting for you to get on board and open multiple doors of opportunities for your business.

  • High Earning Potential

Decarbonization Center powered by Hydrogen Technologies can be a very profitable investment right from the start. With great profit margins and multiple revenue streams, you can achieve unlimited earnings in your respective territory. Our system is easy to scale and simple to manage. By partnering with us, you can start making profits from the get-go because our needed service has little to no competition in the market.

  • Full Technical Support

Like any major manufacturer, we provide a full warranty on all our machines. If you have any questions and/or issues, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Throughout the duration of the contract, we maintain your machines, and a spare parts warehouse is at your disposal as well.

  • Possibility of Assigning the Franchise

An investment whose value is constantly growing!

A novelty in the franchise business, which distinguishes us from other franchise concepts, is the assignment of franchise unit.

In case that the franchisee is not satisfied with revenue, the way of doing business or for any reason wants to leave the business, the DC team will provide all necessary assistance to transfer this franchise unit to another recipient for a fee.

We open the possibility for all franchisees to recoup their initial investment or even earnings from the sale of their business in this way. Earnings are reflected in the growth of the franchise unit price, whose value goes up following the value of the brand itself.

  • What Does the DC Franchise Package Include?
  • A proven and developed business model that operates at more than 20 locations worldwide
  • An emerging technology, which will experience full expansion in the next five years
  • Our own software for monitoring the operation of each individual machine anywhere in the world – IoT (Internet of Things) technology and an interface that allows M2M (Machine to Machine) communication
  • Support in finding the right location for your engine decarbonization shop
  • Project of arranging and equipping the engine decarbonization shop interior, the entire visual identity defined in the Brand Book.
  • Operational manual with complete standards and procedures for smooth and high-quality operation
  • Employee training and constant improvement
  • Everyday support in practical work
  • Marketing support, complete online marketing (which includes an international website), a home country website and social media
  • Profitability of Your Investment

Choosing to be a part of a franchise network increases the chances of success

It took us a long time and a lot of lessons learned to make our concept exceptional. You don’t have to make mistakes and spend too much time developing your business because you have us, as an experienced business partner. We are here to support you, give you advice, spot the upcoming problem and prevent negative consequences.

Working in a franchise system allows the exchange of ideas and experiences, without conflicts of interest and fear that customers will turn to competition. We are here to support each other and grow together.


  1. Decarbonization shop – 8 hour workday
  2. The average engine decarbonization treatment duration is 1 hour
  3. The initial 3 months – 2 engine decarbonization treatments per day on average
  4. In the next 6 months –  3 engine decarbonization treatments per day on average
  5. In the first 9-12 months – 4 engine decarbonization treatments per day on average

The price of engine decarbonization treatment on average: xx euro

Turnover by quarters: _______ euro

Average share of fixed costs e.g. 50% (rent, utilities, salaries, franchise fee…)

Annual profit ________ euro

If we have attracted your attention and you want to become a member of the DC family, the next step would be to project the costs of starting a business, consider the current financial situation and funding opportunities. Before you start with a franchise, you need to determine how much money will be needed to open it and whether you can afford it or not.

Minimum future revenue projection. Remember that there is no automatic correlation between starting a franchise and the fact how profitable it will be. The investment needed is just an index regarding how much it takes to get started, not what the job will be like when it actually starts. Regardless of the full support you will have from the franchisor on a daily basis and marketing activities that will include the promotion of each franchise unit in addition to the brand itself, the success of the business depends on you.

  1. Who are we looking for?

You are:

  • An entrepreneur at heart
  • A person/company cultivating passion for modern, innovative green technologies
  • A person/company with experience in the automotive industry
  • A person/company with enough capital to start a business
  • A person/company that is already engaged in the vehicle servicing/repair business

You want:

  • Be your own boss?
  • To be supported and benefit from the experience of a solid brand?

The franchisee is a legal entity or a person who, by signing a special contract, accepts a system of work that from now on is its/his own business system.

We expect franchisees to be energetic, creative and ready to work hard.

We are looking for people willing to accept our method of work, our procedures and programs, which have proven to be more than successful.

We need people who want to succeed, people who have a vision and who are aware that there is always room for further progress. Franchisees should be team-oriented, ready to accept our rules, standards, as well as periodic controls.

Experience in the automotive industry is preferable, but not a necessary condition.

  • Steps in the process of starting your own franchise
  1. First contact – find out more about the DC franchise (ikonica se linkuje na deo o DC franšizi)
  2. Fill in the application form (it is very important for us to answer the questions in the questionnaire honestly. The essence of the franchise relationship is that both the franchisee and the franchisor must be satisfied with cooperation and understand each other. Based on your answers, our franchise team will assess whether you are a potentially well-favored DC franchisee. If the conclusion is positive, we will contact you about the meeting arrangement.
  3. Initial meeting (the purpose of this meeting is that the franchisor and the franchisee candidate get to know each other and get acquainted with the technology and basics of the DC way of business. At the beginning of negotiations and before signing the franchise agreement, it is mandatory to sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA). With this agreement, the potential franchisee confirms that all information provided by the franchisor is strictly confidential and should be treated as such. Accordingly, the future franchisee must not directly or indirectly disclose confidential information to any third party.)
  4. The choice of engine decarbonization shop location (Achieving cooperation directly depends on the choice of adequate location and space for engine decarbonization shop. The potential franchisee provides a location, after which the DC team will assess whether the location is appropriate and whether and how it can adapt to the DC standards.)
  5. Second meeting (the potential franchisee has found an adequate location; it is very interested and has enough funds to start with engine decarbonization business. At this meeting you will get detailed business and financial data related to the DC franchise concept and DC engine decarbonization shops. You will also receive a franchise agreement. We are here to answer all your questions and solve all your uncertainties.
  6. Signing the franchise agreement
  7. Preparing the service to start performing DC engine decarbonization, training of the decarbonization ship personnel
  8. Opening your own DC engine decarbonization center.

For more information’s and offer for “Franchise Agreement” don’t hesitate to contact us.