“Hydrogen Technologies” company from Belgrade, the first company in Europe (the second in the world) started developing a machine for, as we then called the process itself, ENGINE DECARBONIZATION. In parallel with the development of a machine that will meet all safety and quality standards prescribed in the EU for this and similar technologies, after several months of process success tests and calibration of gas / process duration / engine displacement ratio for maximum results, in August 2013 we started with commercial application on passenger cars and light trucks. Many years of investment in development and application, as well as the knowledge and experience of our team, have opened the door to the markets of the EU and Asia, and we have exported over dozens of units to those markets, in the last three years. These were solid preconditions that provided us with an extremely good position on the European Union market, which recognized the exceptional quality of our technology in the sea of ​​offers of “machines” that have appeared in the last 2-3 years. The fact that today we receive requests for cooperation from companies and individuals who already have experience with such “machines”, speaks of the importance of providing machine buyers (service providers) with safety and quality of technology, high level of support, knowledge and experience,…is a guarantee of good and long-term business. We have proved that our team can and knows that, and only in that way we managed to win a leading position in the European market (NOT by the number of units sold).

CE marking label, European Conformity certification mark.

We have been cultivating an open and transparent approach towards potential partners from the very beginning, which is unusual, but we were guided by the fact that information of such complex technology must be fully available, because it is a matter of production and manipulation of gas, which is very unstable and easily flammable (more about gas at this link). For equipment and machines, which produce H2 / O2 gas (mixture of hydrogen and oxygen) or produce and store only H2 (hydrogen) with a purity of 98-99.9999%, very strict rules and standards apply. This is especially true for equipment used in commercial facilities where there is a possibility of endangering safety – injuring people or causing material damage, and these are precisely the facilities where equipment / machines of this type are most often installed: service workshops, technical inspections, mobile service vehicles, etc. . For us, SAFETY is in the first place, and this is proven by the CE mark and the certificate that the HCC-5000 machine has (US / Canada – FCC in preparation), as well as no incident.

For the above reasons, our technical specification looks like this:


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Product name: Hydrogen machine

Model: HCC-5000 PRO.V


Regular/standard price – 15,000.00 EUR, ExWorks

Delivery: IMMEDIATELY after payment of the full amount for machines from stock or UP TO 30 DAYS after order confirmation and advance payment, for new quantities.

Method of payment: 100% for machines from stock or 50% in advance and 50% before delivery for machines from planned production.

Terms of payment: Payment is made in EUR, to a foreign currency account opened in the company’s Commercial Bank.

Documentation accompanying the delivery: Invoice, Instructions for use and basic maintenance, Warranty card, CE certificate (mandatory document for import and placing on the market and operation of the machine in EU member states and all other non-EU countries that require this document).

Origin of goods: The HCC-5000 machine is manufactured in Serbia and has a certificate of origin. Customs duty in EU countries, CEFTA and many other countries with which the Republic of Serbia has an Agreement on customs facilities, is NOT PAID (0%).

Training and commissioning: We provide each customer with one-day training in handling, basic maintenance and initial commissioning of the machine, for one person. The training is performed in the premises of the company “Hydrogen Technologies” d.o.o. in Belgrade and after completing the training he received a certificate of completed training. For training of several persons or trainings and commissioning of the machine at separate locations and / or at the customer’s location, the customer bears the costs according to the binding price list of the company “Hydrogen Technologies”.

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